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"A collaboration of the talented, creative, motivated and eager to learn”. It is THE place where actors, directors, scriptwriters, lights, camera, sound, music writers and arts students can call home. A place to discuss, pitch ideas and come together for film and video projects. See your ideas turn into reality. You can be a pro, an amateur, someone with creative passion or a movie goer with ideas. If you have an actor, singer, scriptwriter, producer, director, cinematographer, musician, animator, editor, makeup artist, special effects replica iwc creator, special skills, critic or film industry specialist hidden somewhere in you, do come and join us.

We are non funded, so most of our "short film" projects are all voluntary and non paying.

Reel Frenz have made 12 short films of various time lengths and genres over a period of 33 months since March 2013.

Our first feature length,

CERTIFIED DEAD (dark drama)

is now in post production


Under development are 3 features -

1) 7 Bullets - action thriller

2) Scotch on the rocks to remember, black coffee to forget (working title The Ambassador) - action drama

3) Shihan - martial arts action drama

Our List of films - www.reelfrenz.com

1) Rojak - 17 min (comedy)

2) Yokai - 3 min (supernatural)

3) The Sound of Muse - 7 mins (fantasy)

4) Heart Flutters - 30 mins (drama)

5) In The Dark - 12 mins (horror)

6) Choices - 17 mins (drama)

7) Rene - 30 mins (thriller)

8) The Audition (docudrama)

9) The Next Job (dark comedy)

10) Certified Dead (feature - drama)

11) Barely Naked (thriller)

12) Music for her ears (romcom)

13) Big Boys don't cry (buddy film)